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martes, 16 de septiembre de 2014

Solicitud de voluntarios para colaborar en White Mill Rural Heritage Centre/ Volunteer Request

Museo ubicado en: Sandwich, Kent. United Kingdom

Este centro ubicado en un antiguo molino necesita voluntarios para realizar diferentes trabajos, os transcribo la información que me han facilitado por si alguien estuviera interesado:

The White Mill  at the White Mill Rural Heritage Centre was built in 1760 and still has most of its original wooden machinery.  We are run and supported entirely by volunteers who give their time and skills completely free of charge.

The site has many original outbuildings that house examples of old wood working (wheelwright), metal working (blacksmith), and cobbler's workshops, plus an example of a cowshed.  All these, and the artifacts contained within them require constant maintenance and attention.  Some of our volunteers

We also have volunteers who steward the site, opening it up three times a week and staffing the reception, shop and the site.

Others are responible for the financial running of the site, marketing, press and publicity, insurance and the handling of various suppliers for utilities and materials required in maintenance work.

The there are administrative tasks including bookkeeping, artifect recording and checking, and attending various local museum group meetings.

The work is never-ending, and the supply of existing volunteers finite and aging!  So we need more and younger volunteers to join us in our work of preserving this wonderful piece of rural heritage for the community for years to come.

Needed 4 tasks like; stewarding, carpentry, electrics, artifact recording, re-labelling, research, tea-making!!

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Neil Aplin dijo...

Thanks Diana, and hello everyone who would like to come and join us!