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viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2016

Libro "Great Britain's Industrial Heritage Map 1760-1914"

Autor: Edward Allhusen

Editorial: Old House Books

Año edición: 2009

Precio: 20,99 euros

The Industrial Revolution that began in Britain in the 18th century was one of the great turning points in world history. Industries previously confined to cottages and small workshops expanded rapidly taking advantage of steam power, greatly improved transport and unstoppable Victorian entrepreneurship. This map revisits the era when British Industry was the finest in the world and shows over 600 locations that became centres of production, manufacture and enterprise. Since the earliest stone age man traded flints with his neighbour Britons have been industrious people. For centuries small industries sprang up all over the country where the availability of raw materials and a local market could provide an entrepreneur with his living. Expansion was invariably hindered by inadequate power and poor transport prevented access to materials and markets. The Industrial Revolution, a process that burst into life in 1760, changed everything. Steam power pumped water from flooded mines, turned wheels on spinning machines and, the greatest industrial invention of all, gave us the locomotive that enabled raw materials to be delivered to distant factories and finished products to reach consumers. The most significant social change of this revolution was the migration of a predominantly rural workforce to the new industrial centres where different towns became associated with particular skills and trades. This map shows the principal activities in hundreds of places from the great coal fields of South Wales and Scotland to humble villages such as one in Dorset where teasels were grown for use by cloth workers. It also shows the birthplaces of famous inventors and industrialists, lists imports arriving from the rapidly growing British Empire and marks the sites of numerous important industrial events. An introduction by Anthony Burton describes the remarkable changes that started in Britain and soon spread throughout the world.

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