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jueves, 8 de enero de 2015

The ERIH Annual Conference 2015. First Call for Papers.

Fechas conferencia: 21 a 23 de octubre de 2015

Envío de abstract y breve CV:

Límite envío abstracts: 1 de junio de 2015

How to attract new Audiences? New Ideas and Innovations for the Interpretation of Industrial Heritage Every Industrial Heritage Site knows the problem: We always need to attract new visitors and repeat visitors. And we are all looking for ways to make industrial heritage attractive to a younger audience. Most young people grow up with different interests nowadays, so it is our task to make industrial heritage accessible and interesting for them. They are the next generation to look after these important cultural and historical assets. But how? There have been so many attempts like special events and exhibitions, the computer, internet, Facebook, Twitter, QR-Codes etc – all of these are needed, without a doubt. But don’t we forget from time to time that our preserved and presented heritage is at the heart – or at least should be - of our various activities? Do we really invest in our ways of presentation? And in the people who present it to the visitors? And do we tell the human stories behind the physical remains of the heritage often and well enough, as this is what people are mostly interested in mostly? So – what will the visitor experience of the future look, feel and smell like? We are looking for papers with examples of good and innovative practice. And for the papers with the new, fresh ideas and strategies, even if they do not yet exist in reality. Specialists from companies dealing with interpretation are very much welcome as well. Every paper should refer to the main questions we raise here. Talks should last no longer than 15 minutes based on a Powerpoint-Presentation and a text-version should also be submitted which will be published on the ERIH website shortly after the conference.

Initially, please email your abstracts of half a page including your contact details and a short CV to

The deadline is the 1st of June 2015.

The Board of ERIH will select from what we hope will be a wide range of interesting and relevant papers and the list of papers selected will be announced promptly after the deadline.

The conference will take place at a fascinating ERIH Anchor Point: The world famous 'Pilzen Brewery' in the Czech Republic.

The conference day will be 22nd October and there will be attractive pre- and post-conference tours.

Further details will be available on the ERIH Website from 1st of August onwards.

The City of Pilzen will be European Capital of Culture in 2015 so there might be the opportunity for you to stay longer and enjoy the interesting programme.

Más información sobre ERIH y la conferencia anual

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