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jueves, 12 de mayo de 2022

Arte e Industria. Póster “I'm Taking an Early Holiday Cos I Know Summer Comes Soonest in the South”

Año: 1936


Autores: Johnson, Riddle and Company Limited and Charles E Brown


Publicado por: Southern Railway


Poster, Southern Railway, 'I'm Taking an Early Holiday cos I know Summer Comes Soonest in the South', 1936. Photograph showing a small boy carrying a suitcase on the platform at Waterloo station talking to the fireman of N15 King Arthur class 4-6-0 locomotive No 755 'The Red Knight', as he leans from the cab. Text beneath. Text on the bottom margin of this poster reads "Southern Railway Advertising. Ad 3251. 10,000/1936. Johnson, Riddle & Co. Ltd., London, SE1". Format, double royal, 40 x 25 ins, 1035 x 650 mm, backed. The original version of this poster was published in 1925, with the text "For holidays I always go Southern 'cos it's the Sunshine Line".


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